Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time to Grow Up

The Answer (a.k.a Allen Iverson) made his Memphis debut in a loss to the bottom feeders commonly referred to as the Kings. AI came off the bench to play around 17 minutes and scored 11pts. This wasn't the big news of the day that caught my attention.

When AI signed with the Grizzlies in the off-season, I was a little surprised a team like Memphis would offer him a contract. A team going nowhere soon signing a troublesome guard, who has proven to sink teams faster than Isiah sinking entire organizations, completely boggled my mind. NBA teams are businesses and for a business to succeed they need revenue and with AI dressing, jerseys and tickets would be sold. We all know AI can still draw a crowd.

When Iverson met with reporters after the loss, he voiced his displeasure with what was happening, AFTER HIS FIRST GAME!!! He came off the bench and was pulled when it was crunch time. AI needs to wake up and learn that he is not going to win a championship ring if he continues playing like he's been playing over his entire career. Just listen to what he said.
"In all the other years of my career, it’s never come up. I’ve been a starter on All-Star teams, Olympic teams and NBA Finals teams. It’s just a big deal now. I think it is something people should let go. To answer your question, no, I’m not a bench player or the sixth man. Go look at my resume, it will show you that I’m not a sixth man."
AI, listen to me...seriously, listen to what I have to say. What you just said summed up everything everyone wants to say to your face but doesn't have the balls to say. Yes, you were all those things on all those teams but they all have ONE thing in common, no one hoisted a big time trophy at the end of any of those teams. You are an individual playing in a team sport. You are a great individual player. You are a scoring champion. But you are NOT a champion. You drag your teams down and with your attitude, no team you play on will EVER win a championship.

You have made the money most people would die for. You have the life people can only dream of. If you want to continue to be that selfish AI we all know and don't love, go ahead. But don't complain about winning games and championships because you are the only one that can control where your team goes.

AI, sit your ass down and shut your damn mouth. Play the system your coach implements and be a team player. I know this is completely foreign to you and you might need to practice this but look at some great individual players who finally grew up and became a man and what they achieved. Look at Randy Moss and Dennis Rodman.

The season is still young and you only have a 1-year contract. If you want to continue to play in the NBA you need to grow up because no team will ever consider signing you for the 2010-2011 season.

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