Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Debt

Let's face it boys, Mr. Roy Halladay is not going to be a Blue Jay after the 2010 MLB season. He might not even put on a Jays jersey come Feb/Mar when spring training starts.

Before going on off on a few things that are on my mind, I would like to say something from the heart to Halladay.
I am sorry Mr. Halladay. I am sorry that the city of Toronto didn't give you what you deserve, a legitimate chance at the World Series. You signed on the dotted line and committed to the city of Toronto and in the end you gave us what mere mortals could only dream of doing. It is time for you to move on to another team in search of what you deserve, a beautiful world series ring. I just wish we had the resources, the luck, and/or anything that would keep you in town but in baseball and life, we all have to face a limited amount of anything and everything. I hope you have a great career and find what you desperately seek, a world series ring.
Reports are saying that Halladay will not sign with the Jays after his contract comes to a close after the 2010 season. Duuhhhhhhh! A man with talent like this who has reached a certain age is not going to sign with a team like the Jays. The Jays are headed for another losing season. Wow, that was kind of depressing to type out.

So, Mr. New GM, please trade Halladay before spring training and give him a chance to win a world series now. We owe it to Halladay. Look at what he has given us over the years. If the Jays decide to keep Halladay for another year, I am going to abandon the SkyDome in protest because I know there is a package out there that someone can offer that will allow The Doc to find a ring.

Please please please please, trade Halladay! We owe it to him!

Everyone in Toronto is going to miss you.

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