Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thirty-six years old and still as naive as a toddler who can barely walk. I have always followed the expression, "You get wiser as you age" but I guess Damon doesn't adhere to or even know of the existence of this ageless expression.

Johnny Damon, like so many other pro athletes, thinks he is the greatest thing this world has ever seen and deserves anything/everything and more. After winning another World Series ring with the Yankees, Damon was finished, contractually, and wanted a new long-term contract that would pay him some big time bucks.

The stats from 2009 back his request of a 2-3 year $10mil+ per season but at the age of 36 and with the economy in the shape it currently is, no team is going to go out and meet him at that price. It would be foolish to sign him on his terms.

Damon needs to come to the conclusion that money is nothing. He has earned all the money he needs and more to support his family, kids, kid's kids, and kid's kid's kids. You get where I am going with the money issue.

Legacy is what Damon should be worried about right now. He won the World Series in Boston and New York, two monster organizations that have had intense battles over the years. Why not go out and play for another team that has a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. Take the pay cut and pack on the rings and championships to the record books. Am I the only one that cares about winning championships year in and year out? Money might be a huge factor in the early years but at the tail end of a career, money has already been earned and bank accounts stuffed to the point where interest is worth a single year's salary.

People should be paid for their ability and potential but in this case Damon needs to check his ego at the door and take the pay cut for his shot to boost his already big legacy.

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