Monday, November 3, 2008

Kurt Warner

Ever since the year that Kurt Warner took over for the St. Louis Rams and started the "Greatest Show on Turf" back in 1999 I have always been watching and following Warner. When he was ousted from the Rams by Bulger and moved to the Giants and then to his current team the Cardinals, there was always something that drew me to him. I love the passing game, I love the movement of the ball, and mostly I love the way this QB works.

He's had his problems with sacks, INTs, fumbles, and just carelessness with the ball but when he is protected and given time, Warner can throw a football through a tire 30-40 yards down field, while the tire is moving.

After winning the NFL MVP in 1999 and 2001, while adding a Super Bowl MVP and championship ring in 1999, it seems he is on pace for another MVP quality year. So far, he has 2431yrds passing, 16TDs, 6INTs, and a QB rating of 104.2 after 8 games.

With 8 more starts to go he is on pace for 4862yrds, 32TDs, 12INTs, and a 104.2QB rating. This looks pretty eerie when you compare these numbers with his MVP seasons of 99 and 2001.

1999 - 4353yrds, 41TDs, 13INTs, and a 109.2QB rating
2001 - 4830yrds, 36TDs, 22INTs, and a 101.4QB rating
2008 - 4862yrds, 32TDs, 12INTs, and a 104.2QB rating

The Cards are 5-3 and stranger things do happen. Can the Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl and maybe bring home another ring for Warner. I sure hope so!

For all of you who thought or currently think this guy sucks, well you are retarded. Go out and see a player that has been able to hold this kind of success and quality of play over a span of 10 years. He's had some rough patches with injury and being sidelined to help rookie QB's (Manning and Leinart) but it seems he always finds his way back to the starting gig because he is a proven winner. Pretty hard to find in this day and age.

Maybe it is finally the time for me to grab a Warner jersey.

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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