Friday, November 28, 2008

Iverson Apologizes

Allen Iverson was back with the Pistons after skipping a team practice on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, Iverson is very sorry for his actions and said it would not happen again.

Things always sound rosy and swell when it happens the first time or when it happens to someone who doesn't have the background and history of an AI. But this is AI we're talking about, the word baggage always comes along as his entourage. He is facing a big fine but who cares, a guy who gets paid millions of dollars a year doesn't care about fines especially since they never reach a point that actually affects the player's wallet. Ten thousand or one hundred thousand is big for me but for them, it's like me ordering a beer at dinner, nothing to think twice about.

On a side note, the practice on Thanksgiving Day was only for an hour but come on, a practice on Thanksgiving Day?!

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