Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad note

Again, the topic of hitting in the NHL is up front and centre due to the violent and illegal hits that seem to happen way too often.

In the Leafs game, Kostopoulos absolutely crushes Van Ryn into the boards. I know that the game of hockey is fast and players are in constant movement but there are points when you see a guys back you just shouldn't throw him into the boards so heavily. Giving him a push/contact is ok in my eyes as long as you are not crunching his face into the boards.

Another thing that pisses me off is when players purposely turn their backs when they get near the boards knowing someone is coming for them. Some players are taught this because it will draw a penalty but at the same time you might be asking for time on the injured list.

The one factor that needs to be addressed is not the helmets or penalties but something even easier to learn and remember...RESPECT! Players need to have more respect for their fellow NHL'ers because if you respect someone will you go out and hit them from behind and force them onto the injured list?

You be the judge about the hit.

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