Monday, November 17, 2008

Soloman to the Rescue

The Raptors went into the game against the Heat on Sunday extremely short handed with Jose Calderon nursing an injury to his hamstring.

Luckily, the Raps were helped out by guard Will Solomon and even pulled out a win against Dwayne Wade and the Heat, 107-96.

Solomon ended the game with 33:49mins, 15pts, and most importantly found a way to dish out 11 assists while only turning the ball over 4 times. For his first game as a starting point guard for the Raps, I was very pleased with his performance, even with the 4 turnovers.

This is of course not a long term solution for the Raps and if Calderon does not come back soon I don't think the Raps can continue adding to the W column. The Raps are fairly thin throughout the point position with Solomon and rookie Ukic, so if Calderon is out for an extended period of time, the Raps might be in trouble.

Photos Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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