Thursday, November 27, 2008

Premium Brands

The name Tiger Woods is situated alongside premium brands such as Titleist, Nike, Tag Heuer, American Express, and Buick...wait, did I just say Buick. Well, Tiger is now disconnecting his premium name with that of the old retired Florida image that comes with the Buick name. Come on, did anyone ever at any moment believe Tiger would willingly choose to drive around in a Buick. For those of you who know me, it's like me wanting to drive an American made car.

GM and Tiger have parted ways and I think this is a great move for both parties, especially Woods. After taking Nike Golf from a "tiny little" golf company to a $600million yearly business that leads the world in golf apparel sales and is a big player in the golf equipment and golf ball world. Woods deserves more than a pathetic little American car company that has fallen into the trap that any undergraduate business major learns in Business 101, complacency will destroy any company.

It is time for Woods to find a car endorsement that portrays his premium image. Even in a world where the economics are holding companies by the throat, there will be plenty of car companies that have the money to throw at Woods. I guarantee that this time around, Tiger will be extremely selective on where he will sign his name because we all know, especially Tiger, how much he is worth in the world of endorsements.

You will always pay a premium price for premium brands. Tiger Woods is no exception.

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