Wednesday, November 12, 2008

KG & Calderon sitting in a tree...

More to come...

UPDATE: Well, what do you think about what KG did to Calderon?

There is no doubt that KG deserved a Technical and also maybe a fine from the league because this isn't the first time KG does his "let's try and show up the opponent" thing. Seriously, where the hell were the refs when this was happening? There is absolutely no excuse for the refs missing this. The play had Calderon bringing up the ball with KG defending him. It wasn't behind a screen or off the ball, it was one on one with everyone in the entire arena watching.

So...where the hell were you refs?

Seriously, just because KG is a "The Big Ticket" and an NBA superstar it doesn't mean he is allowed to taunt and do whatever he wants to on the court. The NBA has to draw a line when it comes to "protecting" it's superstars.

But, I see something else from this stupid stunt by KG as well. Just look at the intensity between KG and Calderon. The level of competitiveness, the level of pure emotions, and all in the NBA Finals! Oh wait, this wasn't the NBA Finals, it was just another regular season game. Oh wait, it wasn't even in the stretch run, it's only the 5th or so game of the REGULAR season.

This is what I like to see. Sports is filled with trash talk and for all of us who play sports we know that trash talk with never ever be eliminated.

It is apart of sports. It will never go away. Live with it!

In the end, KG should have been given a Tech and big props go out to Calderon for letting KG know he wasn't backing down after dishing it off for some points.

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