Friday, November 14, 2008


Ever look at a player and think he was born in that colour, that logo, and it would never ever change? This is how I felt about one of the deadliest WRs in NFL history, Isaac Bruce.

When the Greatest Show on Turf was tearing up yards and racking up points, Bruce and Holt were the two WRs that made everything happen. They were one of the greatest tandems in NFL history. With the likes of Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator and then head coach and QB Kurt Warner, the Rams put fear in defenses around the NFL.

Things have changed and I can't seem to wonder if it was for the better. Okay, Bruce was getting old and the Rams needed to get under the strict and sometimes restricting NFL salary cap. So, the Rams released Bruce and he eventually found a new home with the 49ers and old offensive coordinator/coach Mike Martz. I know it was a money move but it just seemed like Holt and Bruce still had the one two punch that Bulger could use to ignite the Rams offense.

Now, mid-way through the season the Rams and Bruce will finally meet again when the Rams visit the 49ers this Sunday. Just having Bruce and Holt on seperate sidelines just weirds me out.

Would it be the same if Derek Jeter was in anything other than pinstripes. What about Roy Halladay in anything but a Blue Jays uniform. What about Steve Yzerman in something other than a Red Wings jersey. And what about Brett Favre in a uniform...ok, I'll stop there.

Seeing some of these guys in a new colour and new logo just seems a little off.

I am a Rams fan first but Bruce, in my eyes, you will always be apart of the Greatest Show on Turf.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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