Monday, December 8, 2008

Maddux Retires

Greg Maddux, the dude who throws his fastball the same speed I threw when I was pitching in midget baseball, is finally retiring after calling the Cubs (2 times), Braves, Dodgers (2 times), and Padres his employers for 23 seasons. I want to say thank you for giving every pitcher who didn't have a 95-plus mph fastball and/or a knee buckling curve hope that he could one day be pitching in the bigs. Does Greg not deserve the Hall of Fame? He is just the epitome of excellence and deception while standing on the mound.

Maddux has 355 wins (1 more than Clemens), 3.16ERA, 4 Cy-Youngs, 18 Gold Gloves, and 5,000 innings pitched over a stellar 23 year MLB career. Just looking at his stats, he's pitched around 190-230 innings in every year he has been a full time starter. Nothing is better than having a pitcher in your starting rotation who you know will take the mound every 5th day.

Not only does Greg know how to pitch but it seems he and Tom Glavine know what chicks dig. Check it out.

I haven't seen this commercial in a while. Still makes me laugh.

Congratulations Greg. Enjoy your retirement and we all know you could pitch another 2-5 years with your control and finesse style of pitching.

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