Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ford vs. Calderon

The return of TJ Ford to the Air Canada Centre was not a successful one. Ford was traded from the Raptors to the Pacers in the off-season for Jermaine O'Neal and was basically told he wasn't up to Colangelo's standards as a PG. In Toronto, TJ basically watched his "younger brother" take his spot from him and was sent packing. So, how did Calderon and Ford fair in the game.

Calderon - 38:08mins, 14Asts, 2TO's, and 11Pts.
Ford - 27:21mins, 4Asts, 2TO's, and 4Pts.

I guess Calderon took this and the victory, 101-88.

The day I heard about this trade I was happy Colangelo decided to stick it out with Calderon instead of Ford. So far the Raptors aren't impressing anyone in the NBA with their lack luster approach to games but that deserves a separate post.

Which PG do you prefer having?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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