Friday, December 19, 2008

Sundin a Canuck

It is finally official, the former Maple Leafs captain is now a proud member of the Vancouver Canucks. I am a little sad and weirded out with the fact Sundin will be wearing another jersey with something different than the white and blue of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Can you see Jordan in a uniform other than the Bulls? Yes, there was the Wizards but come on. What about Jeter with something other than pinstripes?

In professional sports, players want nothing more than the chance to compete for the championship and for Sundin, the lure of competing for the Stanley Cup was enough for him to sign with another team instead of staying put in Toronto. I am happy to see him back on the ice and I hope he succeeds but there is a still a side of me that wished he signed with the Leafs.

As the season progresses I hope Sundin doesn't find himself on the sidelines because of injuries since he did skip training camp and the exhibition schedule. He's been working out but nothing can keep you prepared for the rigirous play found in the NHL.

Good luck Sundin. Too bad the Leafs couldn't provide you with the home and Stanley Cup chance you deserve.

Mark your calendars, Sundin will be back at the ACC on February 21, 2009!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.
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