Friday, December 5, 2008

Michelle Wie

Why does everyone in the world seem to hype up young players and make them out to be the next Jordan, Gretzky, or Tiger. Is it because of our culture of finding something bigger and better. Well, it seems that the pressure from all sources crippled the development of young Michelle Wie.

Don't you remember hearing about Ms. Wie when she stormed onto the golf scene with her huge drives, a mens size 11.5 shoe, and that young smile that comes with every innocent child who possesses pure love for the sport. Those days are so over and I wish, for her sake, it never happened. Yes, it gave the LPGA some news coverage and attention to a sport that needed a complete make over. But with the likes of Gulbis, Creamer, Butler, and Christie Kerr, to mention a few names, the LPGA Tour seems to be moving in the right direction.

Currently, Wie is trying to obtain her Tour Card at the annual Q-school. She is tied for 3rd place with a -10 score. I love how she is doing it the right way. She isn't getting into tournaments with sponsorships and exemptions and all that crap that doesn't deserve a spot in sports. You should be allowed to play only if you are capable of competing with the entire field.

To make a long rant short. Michelle Wie was pushed too far too quickly by her parents and the big companies that wanted to make money off of her. Let her just play golf and have her focus on the course instead of trying to live up to her endorsements and hype.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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