Friday, December 19, 2008

Caddie Mouth

I was a little shocked to hear Tiger having to speak in front of the media concerning his caddie's comments about fellow PGA Tour player Phil Mickelson. Come on, this is a caddie, a dude who is hired to carry his clubs while he navigates 18-holes. Why the hell did this caddie, Steve Williams, even say something in the first place. His job is to carry the clubs, give an opinion on shots, shelter him from the rain with an umbrella, and do whatever Tiger wants him to do. But of course, this idiot had to go out and make a rant about Phil.

Absolutely stupid!

The comment was something that came out of a high school, where one guy, who is associated with the cool kid, tells off another kid. Just a lame and pathetic attention grabbing tactic. It seems people feel the need to go out and say whatever is on their minds, I do enjoy this and that is why I have a blog, but Steve is in a different position. He carries the bag of the most famous golfer in the world and maybe ever so he has the responsibility to carry himself in a professional manner.

According to Tiger the whole situation is over and is behind him but for some reason I think his caddie is on a shorter leash. Tiger better punish Steve for putting something extra on his plate. Guy has surgery and is trying to recover and his caddie pulls this out of the bag.

Have you ever heard about a caddie mouthing off about another golfer before?

Know your role man!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.
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