Friday, October 16, 2009


This is what I get after a few years away from fantasy hockey, an injured lineup and only 5 goals to show for (first place in goals as something like 23 goals). My team needs some healthy players to score some freakin' goals. Looking at my team after the draft I was pretty certain I had a pretty strong offensive squad but injuries seem to have derailed that idea.

First, Franzen went down. He'll be down for another 4-5 months (or was it 5-6). Fuck!

Second, Daniel Sedin goes down with a broken foot. Out 4-6 weeks. Damn!

Third, Pavel Datsyuk is ailing from an upper body injury. Day-to-day. Come on!

5 freakin' goals and I'm sitting in dead last in that category. Assists, well, I'm in second...second last place. Scoring is at a premium right now and I'm hoping for a turn around soon.

Luckily the dude in Phoenix between the pipes is holding it down for me at the moment. A shout out to Ilya Bryzgalov with his 2 shutouts.

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