Friday, October 9, 2009

A-Rod is for Real

9th inning HR

For all of you Yankee haters out there I bet you guys are hating them just a little more after they pulled off an 11 inning win against the Twins, which included a bottom of the 9th HR from playoff choker Alex Rodriguez. Why the hatred towards them anyways? I can understand if you hate them because they are a rival but if you add in any other BS crap like their spending, don't even waste your time on me.

It might be a little too early to take away the playoff choker label but so far, A-Rod has shown his regular season heroics do exist come October. Through 2 games at the new Yankee Stadium, he has a 0.500AVG, which includes 1HR and 5RBIs. I haven't been a huge fan of A-Rod since his explosive stats started in Seattle but I haven't been a hater either. Is this finally the year A-Rod puts a team on his back and carries them to a World Series ring?

Two games in the books and the three big off-season acquisitions (CC, AJ, and Big Tex) have come through. Again, a little too early to tell but I smell some fire and passion coming out of the Yankees clubhouse. The drive to win seems real and since the Yanks couldn't bring a World Series to the old Yankee Stadium, bringing one to the new stadium in year one isn't such a terrible idea.

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