Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantom Touch

The above play occurred in the 10th inning of game 2. Erick Aybar's double play or according to 2nd base umpire, Jerry Layne, only a force out at 1st base due to Aybar missing 2nd base with his foot. If you want to check out the video evidence head over to right HERE.

Make note of what he says at 56secs, "Wow, that's fucking unbelievable!" Love live TV!

Playing as a SS/2B over the years, this call is never made unless it was blatantly obvious you missed the bag. The double play occurs so quickly that most umpires just give it you, as long as you straddle and "appear" to touch 2nd base.

When there is a double play ball hit and the runner is coming and the batter is trying to beat out the play, you are forced to catch and release quickly if you are to have a chance at the double play. This is where the phantom touch comes into play. Everyone who has grown up with baseball has kind of accepted this unwritten rule because no one really argues with the call. Over a span of a full season this call will go against you and for you to the point where it will just even out.

I have personally grown to take advantage of this and when I know there is someone who will spike me or if there is a speedy batter, I will purposely use the phantom touch to get the ball out quicker. I have watched video of myself where I clearly miss the bag but still make the double play. Just apart of baseball.

A little disappointed in the umps call, especially in extra innings during the ALCS.

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