Friday, October 16, 2009

Trade Deadline

If my knowledge is correct the NFL trade deadline is approaching, I think Tuesday, and my Rams seem to have a huge question mark on what to do. We all know the Rams have no shot at the playoffs and the team needs some talent to come along, especially through the draft. What about trading stud all-purpose running back, Steven Jackson, for draft picks?

The 2010 draft is suppose to be relatively strong and if the Rams could find some strong protection on the front line and some guys for their defence that won't just roll over and let opposing teams score, they might have a shot at a .500 season. It sounds like a great move but giving up in the middle of the season, albeit a dead season, doesn't encourage Rams fans to continually support the team at the gates.

I know it would be a decent trade just because we would be getting some draft picks in return but I can't see Jackson wearing another uniform. It hurts just as much as Bruce wearing a 49'ers uni and also Holt wearing a Jaguars uni. Just isn't right!

Still dreaming of the day when Jackson has the support Marshall Faulk had back in the glory days of The Greatest Show on Turf. In the NFL nothing surprises me anymore especially with the business side seeming to jump in at every opportunity. If it does happen and Jackson is wearing another uni, I hope he has a great time.

On a side note, looking into buying an official Rams helmet. Around $350 or so. Sounds stupid, but I want one!!!

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