Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Meet Again

One nasty looking finger

My Rams will be seeing a familiar face come Sunday when they take to the field. Mr. Torry Holt will be hosting the visiting Rams and is trying to prove why the Rams should have kept him on their roster. I still have a soft spot for Holt and if it wasn't for the ridiculous prices for jerseys I would have had a Rams Holt jersey on my back years ago. Still can't believe how much they charge for official gear. Guess that is why guys get paid $10 mil a year to play a sport.

I've been a little lazy with stats in the NFL this year and when I checked out the opponent, which I do every week, I realized Holt doesn't have a TD this year. A little shocked, I dove deeper into the numbers...I see a stud back named Maurice Jones-Drew, explains a lot. Still a little shocked that Holt hasn't been on the receiving end of a TD toss from Garrard.

Just hope the Rams put up a fight and find a way to grind out some yards, first downs, and maybe even a TD. Still toughing it out on the Rams sideline.

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