Friday, October 9, 2009


I intentionally made the picture smaller than any other pictures because that is what I think of him right now. Always enjoyed watching him play basketball and hearing Bill Walton's "Throw it down big man" comment but his off-court crap is starting to actually bother me. Usually, I leave that crap on the internet and just scroll over it without opening his latest battle, TV show, or any of his boring "shower me with attention" shit.

Shaq's latest thing got me a little peeved. After starting the pre-season with his new teammates he comes out and says that this is the best team he has ever played for. Okay, he has to say that because if he said it was a good team people would think he's retarded. Well, I think you are retarded Shaq. I'll give him his "on paper" part after the best team comment but still, are you drunk? Check out his teammates in LA when Malone and Payton showed up for a year.

In my eyes, he's just another aging NBA player who is trying to stretch the great life and stay in the bright spotlight the NBA has to offer. Guy needs to just shut his mouth and play ball.

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