Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off We Go

Well, the Yanks, with their new stadium, are about to start another World Series against the Phillies. This post is a little late. I didn't have much to say about the Yanks making the world series because I wasn't surprised to see them reach the playoffs, sweep the Twins, and take the ALCS led by ALCS MVP CC Sabathia. Seriously, were you surprised?

After reading a few things about how the Yanks are crap and they only get to the post season by buying their way in finally got me wanting to post something.

The Yankees are always going to be hated because they have succeeded by continually winning ball games. Haters everywhere complain, moan, and bitch about how they only win because of their massive yearly budget. Why even bother using this argument. The Yanks are buying and paying for T-A-L-E-N-T. Plain and simple, they are spending their money on talent. Premium talent will command premium dollars, simple as that! Is there something wrong with going out and paying big bucks for premium talent?

Others seem to hate on the Yanks because they are ruining baseball. How are they ruining baseball? Other teams have no shot? When was the last time the Yanks won the World Series? Exactly! Are they winning every year with the $200+million payroll? For fuck's sakes stop bitching about the Yanks destroying baseball. Did you know that with revenue sharing the Yanks are actually paying for some of the losing teams and their payroll? Did you know that if there was no revenue sharing many teams would just go bankrupt. The people you should be complaining about and to are the owners who are too cheap to spend some cash to bring a winning team and a chance at the World Series to your home town. Remember, all these owners are rich mother fuckers who only own a team because it's their "hobby" or childhood dream to own a professional baseball team. They have the money! Just, they decide to spend keep it locked up in stocks.

If you took the Yanks out of the picture you would see television contracts shrink and that would hurt the bottom line. Revenue would seriously be cut off and you know what, we'd be in a very different situation with teams falling apart.

The Evil Empire label is old and while you idiots complain about the Yanks, they will continue to bring home championships and keep your poor owners afloat.

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