Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dirty Lee

I have never understood how Cliff Lee does it. This lefty is not intimidating but seems to find his way through tough and almost impossible lineups without breaking a sweat.

Game 1 of the World Series was dominated by Cliff Lee. Throwing a complete game to lead his Phillies over the Bronx Bombers. Lee had 10Ks, 7 from the Yanks' 3-4-5 hitters.

Lee throws nothing more than a low 90's fastball and the Yanks couldn't find a run until the bottom of the ninth, which was unearned. If the Yanks are going to take the series they have to find a way to solve Lee because if everything goes as planned, Lee might be pitching game 4 and a decisive game 7 if it goes that far.

Anyone think A-Rod and Big Tex were a little nervous hitting on the big stage? Jeter, his usual self, had 3 hits and seemed comfortable playing in front of the world. I have a feeling if A-Rod and Big Tex don't find a way to contribute tomorrow in game 2, they are going to struggle for the rest of the World Series. Once the pressure is on and their names are all over the sports pages they will squeeze that bat a little tighter which will make things worse.

Why the hell is Swisher still starting? I know the Yanks don't have a talented backup but who ever they put in RF would contribute no worse than Swisher. Guy is hitting .144 with 12 freaking strikeouts. Bench his ass now. Bring Hinske in and see what he can do.

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