Monday, October 12, 2009

Time to Sweep

It seems the broom is out in force after the Angels ousted the Red Sox, in Fenway, after the Yanks and the surprising guys out in La La land completed 3 game sweeps themselves.

The Yanks 3 game sweep wasn't all too surprising because of how the Twins finished the final 2-3 weeks of the season. The Twins were battling and fighting every night while the Yanks were resting and enjoying their cushion in the AL East grow. I knew the Yanks would take the series but I was a little shocked it was a sweep. Thought the momentum the Twins had would carry into at least a victory in the division series. A-Rod hits another HR and is batting .455 after three games. Pretty impressive considering his past post-season greatness. Let's see if he can carry that into the next round. Derek Jeter. You know the rest.

The Dodgers were a team I thought had nothing but a first round exit given to them but they proved me wrong. The Dodgers took it to Carpenter, Wainwright (more Franklin), and Pineiro. Andre Ethier seems legit. Fantasy note for 2010, check! Scary thought, what if Manny comes back and goes on one of his runs. Add in Ethier, Kemp, and Furcal and you have a pretty deadly lineup.

Now, to the most shocking series. What the hell happened in Boston? They let one slip through their fingers. With the experience in the Red Sox dugout, I thought they for sure would be sitting in the opposite dugout to the Yanks come the ALCS. The Angels just came out and took it to them from game 1 and didn't stop until they finished the sweep. Papelbon missing a save opportunity? Not being able to convert and allowing ER's? I wonder what the Red Sox Nation is going to do now that their beloved Red Sox are heading into hibernation. You think Epstein is going to go ape shit and buy up some free agents. In my opinion, not likely. They have some core guys that should compete for years to come. Too bad the Yanks do too.

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