Friday, October 30, 2009

Another 3Ks

8 At-bats, 6 Strikeouts, 0 Hits

After shedding the label of playoff choker with a brilliant ALDS and ALCS, A-Rod has found a way to fall back into the struggles that plagued him in years past. Maybe getting away from Yankee Stadium and a change of scenery will bring him a hit in game 3.

Big Tex hit a big HR and hopefully, for A-Rod, someone can lead the team and reporters won't put too much blame on A-Rod for not producing. I still think A-Rod struggles because people throw too much crap on his shoulders. Guy is a true ball player and as long as he takes it easy he can produce and rake like he usually does.

If he struggles in game 3, I guarantee reporters will go buck wild.

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