Saturday, October 31, 2009


Steve Nash and his Suns took down the Warriors in their home opener but what stood out was Nash's usual unselfish play. When the final buzzer went off, Nash recorded 20 assists for the 6th time in his career. At 35 years of age, Nash seems to still go about his game with nothing holding him back.

I am worried though. With his history of injuries with his back and the enormous amount of minutes he plays, it is hard for me to think he can hold up through the entire season. This year the Suns aren't going to have a complete package around him that can take some pressure off him. Even in years past when they had Stoudamire, Marion, Barbosa, and Q. Richardson, to name a few, he still had to really work on the floor.

With the heavy minutes and the heavy amount of workload that the Suns place on his shoulders, I see him wearing a suit on the bench for a few games. With Goran Dragic handling the ball when Nash is resting, the Suns need him to step-up and provide 15-18 quality minutes on the floor. Playing in the low 30minute range is what I would like to see on a nightly basis.

Keep him healthy so he can come play for the Raps one day.

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