Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About Time

The Leafs are finally in the win column!!!

It took a few games, 9 games to be exact, to register a win and finally give us the fans something to cheer about. More importantly, it get's that ugly monkey off the backs and hopefully will give the Leaf dressing room some needed energy, enthusiasm, and of course the taste of victory.

I have been waiting for the Leafs to finally win a game before making a post and at one point I thought it wouldn't happen for another few weeks. It took a 5 point night from Kaberle to break the Leafs out of their disgusting start to the season in which many thought wouldn't look this ugly. Did anyone think the Leafs would be the last team in the NHL to have a win?

Just looking at the box scores and browsing the reports, it seems the Leafs shouldn't be in panic mode since the season is only 9 games old but I don't agree. I think the Leafs need more fire and play with some sort of urgency NOW. All the players are saying the right things about guys learning to play with each other, it is only a few games, bad luck with the puck, and all that other crap but I don't buy it. For the Leafs to win, everyone in that locker room needs to step up and take every shift they have like it's their last (very cheesy but true).

If the Leafs stepped on the ice and played their asses off, opponents might not have that relaxed feeling when they suit up against them. Have you ever played against a team you knew you were going to beat? It is a great feeling because you really have no feeling. Makes sense, read on. A good team will always show up relaxed and let their skill and muscle memory take over when push comes to shove. When ever I played a weaker team I would step into the batter's box relaxed and focused, never did I have a tense muscle muscle in my body.

The win is done and no one can take it away. Now, let's hope that the 2nd comes Wednesday night in Dallas.

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