Monday, October 19, 2009

Up and Down Week

Jaguars/Rams - Wow, the Rams scored some TD's (1 defensive but who's counting). Torry Holt didn't score but put up some big numbers (101yards with 5 catches). I am starting to really worry about the Rams because if they don't get it together they will blow a shot at a victory when they play the Lions in week 8.

Lions/Packers - Holy crap. Lions shut out by the Packers. How is it possible for a team to not even score a field goal?

Vikings/Ravens - What the hell is Farve drinking? Guy just led his team to a 6-0 start. Seriously, retirement?

Giants/Saints - Is there anyway for the Saints to donate some offense to my Rams for a week so we can grab a victory?

Titans/Brady - Tom Brady absolutely tore through the Titans defense. 59-0!!! Again, how is it possible for a team to not score a field goal?

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