Thursday, October 8, 2009

MLB Playoffs

Straight up the man

The 2009 baseball playoffs have started and it looks as if the Phillies are extremely happy to have traded for Cliff Lee instead of pursuing Roy Halladay. Halladay might have given the Phillies a complete game shutout instead of a complete game 1 earned run performance. Seriously though, I think the Phillies grabbing Lee instead of Halladay was a better deal. The asking price for Halladay was out of this world, which it should be considering Halladay’s stats, and grabbing Lee from the Indians was worth it. Being a die-hard fantasy player, I am happy to see Ibanez is out of his funk after landing on the DL a few months back. What a start to the season he had.

Derek Jeter is the man, PERIOD. After a great 2009 season he goes out and shows he is the true leader of the Yankees. Look at this line, 3Rs, 2RBIs, 2BBs, and 1HR. What else can you ask for in a lead-off hitter? The Yankees scored 7 runs and Jeter accounted for 3 of them. Man love baby! Man looooovvvveeee!!!

PS. Lee stole a base too. Not sure Halladay would have done that but you never know, he's not human.

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