Thursday, October 29, 2009

81 to Go

Opening night at the ACC and the Raptors gave the fans of Toronto something to cheer about. The Raptors opened the new NBA season with a victory over the Cavs, who are favoured by many to take it all this year. What a game it was down at the ACC.

The city of Toronto and their loyal fans are in need of a team we can all rally behind and support for an entire season. The other tenants at the ACC are brutal and not showing any sign of playoffs, albeit it is still early. The Blue Jays had a great opening to their 09 season but faded quickly and descended to the bottom of the AL East. The Argo's, which I barely even notice, are 3-13. Enough said.

Toronto needs a team and the Raps, for one night, gave them some a team to support. I know it is only 1 game and bringing your A-game for opening night is not unusual, keeping it over the next 81 games is where the contenders stand in front of the pretenders.

Be honest, did any of you honestly, think the Cavs would come in and leave with an 0-2 record to start the 09-10 NBA season? Great night for Raps fans.

10/28/09 - Raptors vs. Cavs In 6 Minutes

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