Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Game of Baseball

The lazy days of summer are officially here. We are in August, the long weekend is over, and it is time to go back to work. The Jays have no shot at the post-season and you know what...I have finally reached a point that I don't care. With all the good that was the first 6 weeks of the season, the Jays just couldn't maintain their level of play, classic case of playing over their heads.

When ever I read blogs that complain everyday about the Jays or any sports franchise I feel for the writer. I pity them. Look at how they are living day in and day out. They have nothing better to do than just complain, moan, and bitch about the state, in this case, the Jays and their miserable 2009 season.

I hope all those bloggers out there wake up and realize that the Jays are not competing this year and in the near future. Suck it up and take it for what it is. The AL East is a beast that seems to eat up teams that don't have pinstripes or a monster.

Here is what I propose. Just go out and enjoy the game of baseball. Stop complaining about how the Jays aren't being led by the right guy and the players suck and all the rest of the negative stuff you can think of. It is fun, at times, to focus on the negative but when that is all you do with every post it kind of loses it's intended effect.

I have people always asking, "What is your favourite team?" To be honest, I have teams I favour but in the end all I want to see is a competitive game no matter what sport it is. Go out and enjoy the game of baseball. Head out to the SkyDome and throw back a few beers and just enjoy a game with your buddies. Trust me, the sun will rise tomorrow even if the Jays lose.

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