Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Triple Double

30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists

Seeing players in the NBA finish with a triple double is pretty impressive and shows how great they played in the game. We see people around the league finish with triple doubles and to me I just don't see why it is so impressive. Yes, they reached double figures in three different categories and yes, they did it against the best basketball players from around the world but is it really that difficult to achieve a triple double? How about averaging a triple double for an entire season?

The only person to ever average a triple double through a full season was Oscar Robertson (the dude up above). In the 61-62 season he finished with triple double. Since then, there have been a total of ZERO people to average a triple double through an entire season. Guess it is difficult to finish with a triple double.

Well, maybe not. Most players have no shot at even finishing a game with a triple let alone finishing the season averaging one and I'll leave these players out. With someone like Steve Nash, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant I honestly think these guys can average a triple double when the final game is played in an NBA season.

The typical triple double includes points, rebounds, and assists. For the above players, 10 points is nothing. Check. Rebounds is a little tougher because they are guards but with these players they need to stop spending so much time trying to score and more time using their body/positioning and 10 rebounds is easily obtainable. Check. Assists is a category that obviously depends on your teammates but with the play making ability these three guys have...Check.

It is about conserving energy and putting it towards a certain goal. Limiting yourself to 10-12 points a night and putting more time in the rebounding/assists categories (except for Nash) isn't what they are paid the big bucks for.

If the Kobe focused on scoring 10 quick points and moved on to rebounding and play making, I honestly believe he could average a triple double throughout an NBA season.

A triple double is not easy but I just don't think it is all that crazy of an accomplishment. It all comes down to personal sacrifices.

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