Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Perfect Woman

Disclaimer: Before I start, I would like to say that I am very happy with my current girlfriend and this post is just me being the typical guy I am.

As the days of summer start to roll up on me, I am starting to really think about golf. The time spent on the course hitting a ball and walking and then hitting it again sounds like a real bore to some, including my girlfriend. But there is more to the game of golf than just hitting a tiny little white dimpled ball.

Most people who have moved on from high school and through university can now appreciate the sparse time that is available to spend with friends doing things you use to take for granted. I still remember those days when I could just skip my afternoon university class and hit the course with my buddies and have no repercussions. Now, finding time to hit the links is almost impossible and when there is time it costs me an arm and leg with weekend and holiday rates.

I'm kind of moving a little off topic so let us move the main event. As I am sure you have put two and two together, the title and picture, and figured out where I want to go with this post.

Her name, Maria Verchenova. She is from Moscow, Russia.

She is gorgeous.

She is a golfer.

She's Russian.

She's a brunette.

What else can I ask for in a woman. When I came across this girl I was honestly left speechless. So far in my life, I have not come across one decent looking female golfer. I am not talking about the LPGA, I am talking about normal people who I will have a remote chance with. For all the years I have hit the course, I have yet to see someone who I would say is attractive. Yes, you don't usually see too many people when playing golf since you stick with your foursome but still, not one remotely attractive woman. What gives?!?!

Walking along the fairway with a cigar and talking with Maria sounds like a life I would like to live. Anyways, I'll stop my day dreaming and get back to work.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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