Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Shaq

Throw it down big man, throw it down.

Remember when Shaq took down the entire backboard or shattered the glass with his monster dunks? The days of Shaw dominating down low and just being a nasty centre to guard, we have a new big superman, his name Dwight Howard.

Around the league and through the world of basketball people know him as the big dude who won the slam dunk competition two years ago. I am starting to think he is much more than just that. He is the new Shaq.

The way Shaq dominated down low when he was a member of the Magic is almost parallel to what Howard is doing right now. What changed everything for Shaq was the moment he found a guy to run with him, Kobe. If the Magic can find a way to throw a second legitimate running mate, preferably a guard, the NBA will see another duo dominate the league.

Everyday the news is about LeBron and how he is the next king of the NBA and how he is going to take ring after ring but no one has really mentioned Howard. This centre is legit and if a team, any team, is willing to sign a big time running mate for Dwight, fans around the world will be witness to a dynasty. Okay, I shouldn't use the word dynasty but just thinking about bringing in a Kobe type of player (yes, this is easier said than done) you could see the Magic start hanging banner after banner.

Having a big man down low that will scare opponents when they approach the lane and basically impose his will on the offensive end is half of a successful formula. The other half is, well, playing in the 2009 Western Conference final and had 20 cameras follow him around by a guy from Brooklyn.

Just wondering if the Magic's front office is thinking like me.

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