Friday, December 11, 2009

4 to 5

So, Kobe Bryant and Nike have just introduced the Kobe V's. Hmmm...wait. Didn't they just introduce the Kobe IVs? Is it me or is it people just keeping coming out with shoes/shirts/jerseys just for the sake of making more and more money? I know this is capitalism at it's finest but coming out with a new product every month (exaggeration) is a little much.

Also, what is the deal with low's these days? The reason, in my opinion, recreational ballers out there shouldn't buy these shoes and play in them is simple, we do not tape our ankles when we play. Kobe and all the other NBA players out there can use low's because their ankles are already taped to the extreme. They honestly don't need any more support with a high top shoe. On the other hand, recreational players need the extra support from high tops because they don't have the benefit of a trainer taping their ankles up before hitting the court.

Nice shoe but for playing ball as an average Joe, this might not be the greatest shoe out there. Go out and buy a high top and keep those ankles injury free.

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