Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sports Fan

If you are a hockey fan you will appreciate the above video.

Even though I am a born Torontonian and have never once cheered for the Habs, I still had a second of awe when I saw this. Seeing all the greats who once laced up their skates and found a spot on the TV every Saturday night in our living rooms made me think how lucky we are to have lived to see them.

I missed out on seeing some of the greats play in hockey, and in every other sport, but just think about how lucky we are right now to have lived to see Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras, Pedro Martinez, Joe Montana, and the list could go on and on for days.

With all the writers out there that bitch and moan about their team and how much they suck, why not write about the game itself. The players who make your night entertaining and just take in the great thing most of us take for granted.

Let's enjoy the thing we call sports.

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