Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Injury Bug

A blink of an eye is all it takes to see former No.1 Rafael Nadal fall from grace. It seemed like only a few hours ago that people in the tennis world were preparing parades and trophy presentations for the Spaniard. I won't lie, I am one of those people who thought Federer would not be comfortably sitting atop the tennis world while Nadal was around. Never would I have thought that Nadal would fall this hard to the injury bug.

At the young age of 23, Nadal has a chance to still recover and come back and dominate the sport for a few years, heck look at Roger and what he is doing with those 28 year old legs. This is what everyone talks about when it comes down to young athletes who seem to have infinite potential in the professional ranks, staying healthy is a skill. Some people have it and some don't.

If I was Nadal, I would seriously take as long as it takes to get back to 100% health before even trying to enter a future tournament. The risk of ruining your career because of forced attempts to get back on the court will only leave Nadal with ifs and should haves.

Weren't people saying Nadal had the chance to be the career grand slam record holder?

With a blink of an eye, six might be it.

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