Saturday, January 16, 2010

Losing SUCKS

It was Sunday, January 3rd and after enjoying a wonderful Christmas dinner, New Year's dinner, and of course all the rest that comes with the festive season it finally hit me, losing is what surrounds me from countdown to countdown.

Sports is a wonderful thing and over the years it has taken up most of my waking/sleeping hours in many different forms. From playing to watching highlights to reading almost every article out there that includes rumours, trades, and even what players do in the locker room. Didn't expect a gangsta throw down though, via Arenas.

As the NFL year ended for my beloved Rams with another freakin' loss, this time to the 49er's, it hit me, losing sucks! Look at what I have endured with the Rams in the past 3 years. My Rams have put together 6 wins out of the possible 48 games and we all know most of those losses were complete blow outs.

What the heck happened?!? It was only 2004 when they had a great group of guys that had the potential to do some damage deep into the NFL playoffs. I don't know what sucks more, their 6 wins in the past 3 years or the upcoming 2010-2011 season. At least the NFL is known for their competitiveness in which teams can turn things around in a few seasons. Oh crap, uncapped salaries on the horizon? Damn!

How about the Leafs? Just another tough few years at the Air Canada Centre. Even before the 03/04 season (the last year the Leafs made the playoffs) we really didn't have a team on the ice that could make a run at the cup. People are going to bitch and moan about that statement but sometimes the truth hurts. We had the money and we spent it but I didn't see the value behind the moves. Signing free agents or trading youth/picks for stud names that were on the decline is not my cup of tea.

The years keep adding up for the Leafs and me but unlike the Rams, the Leafs have a brighter future. Adding some youth and keeping them will hopefully turn the ACC into a playoff arena where the real corporate fans can cheer them on. Seriously, we need to put some real fans in the platinum seats because watching a game of hockey and seeing suits behind the glass is pathetic. We need guys like Puddy with painted faces and letters on their chests pounding the ACC glass.

Gotta support the team

Moving down the street in the shadow of the CN Tower the boys of summer aren't really making me feel so great either. Having not seen the playoffs in almost what feels like forever doesn't hurt as much as the Rams and the Leafs. Maybe since I haven't seen/experienced the MLB playoffs in so long I'm numb to the 3rd place finishes in the tough AL East. We all know that the big time spenders in our division is the reason why the Jays aren't in the playoffs as a wild card team and you know what that is how life goes.

It was great how we spent the money and went for it with the signings of Wells, Rios, BJ, AJ, and to a lesser extent Overbay and Glaus. Again, it sucks that we have to compete against the boys who sign the elite FA's in their primes. Life is life. I'm not really sure if the Jays are going to be alright in the near future, it is just too early to tell especially with a new GM.

I wanted to talk about the Raptors and their situation but I'm a little depressed with all this talk about losing so I'm going to just stop.

In sports, like a roller-coaster, there are ups and downs. If this is how it feels during the downs, I'm hoping the ups will feel the opposite and some because I'm not sure how long I can endure the losing streaks year in and year out.

Seriously, losing sucks.

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