Monday, June 14, 2010

Always Something

I have always been a little too in love with Jason Spezza ever since he broke into the NHL as the "rookie" to watch. Now that a few years have gone by, would it be possible for Spezza to finally play for the Leafs? The Senators obviously wanted to build a team around Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson but now that those Stanley Cup dreams have started to fade, maybe it is time for the some personnel changes.

Jason seems to be faltering and regressing with his last two seasons being sub-par. A change of scenery might be the cure. Just sad to see and hear that Spezza could never be a Leaf because of his contract. With a $7 million cap hit for 5 more seasons the Leafs are completely out of the picture.

The Leafs are in need of a guy who can light the lamp and with Spezza being a native of Mississauga this might give him a little more incentive to rack up the points and end the Stanley Cup drought.

If Spezza ever signs with the Leafs I will be the first in line to purchase his #19 jersey.

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