Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What else could the Nationals have asked for from Strasburg in his major league debut. After what was dubbed "Super Tuesday", Strasburg made it a truly special day. Debuting against the Pirates, the guy with the 100mph fastball finished with an impressive 14K's and more importantly a win for the Nationals in his first major league game.

I could go on and on about how great this guy is but everything has been said over and over since he signed after being drafted so I'll just leave it at this...he is the real deal.

Jealousy does not usually creep into my body but today, I'm am absolutely jealous of the Nationals, yes the Nationals. They have a legit #1 pitcher Cy Young pitcher in their rotation who was born in 1988. Go do the math and you'll just see why I'm jealous of the Nationals. Hope is a great thing and the Nationals finally have some hope.

Not only do the Nats have Strasburg but they just drafted another young phenom. You know the dude with black paint on his face? Harper, Bryce Harper is his name. The guy can flat out hit! I'll do the math on this guy's age, which adds up to...17! Wow, hope is a great thing.

Going back to the jealousy issue. The Jays have some prospects but nothing compared to Strasburg and Harper. With the likes of Snider, Lind, and Brett Wallace, we're kind of sitting on some good players but nowhere near the likes of the two guys from the Nationals.

I'll leave you with this last bit of trivia. If Strasburg strikeouts 5001 more batters, he'll break Nolan Ryan's all time K's record.

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