Monday, June 28, 2010


Showing emotions on the bench and letting your teammate, who is suppose to be a team leader, is what I call the right move. Longoria let Upton know how he felt after Upton was a complete SOB during a hit into the gap. I have been criticised for being a little lazy on the field and for good reason. There for some days I was tired and didn't have all my heart into the game. Especially during ones against the bottom feeders of the league. But this was no excuse. I was called out and benched and I deserved it. I owned up to my mistake and I tried to never do it again. I've been on the other end and it sure felt good to tell my teammate he was messing up because sometimes everyone needs a kick in the ass to get back to the job at hand.

Mad props to Longoria for stepping up and being a leader on the field. As for Upton, a little maturing is needed. Sometimes talent spoiled individuals need a serious kick in their asses to get things straight.

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