Saturday, June 12, 2010

Change is Fast

In sports, opinions change on a dime with movement usually based on personal opinions and feelings over the sound judgment of statistics and normal common sense. Writers from major news outlets and the average blogger seem to jump ship just as fast as they jump onto the bandwagon. I just don't understand why people seem to jump back and forth so quickly.

Tiger Woods is a prime example. Everyone is writing the guy off. He's finished. The Major record is farther and farther than ever before. Note: Woods needs to 4 to tie and 5 to break the record. His game is on the decline. Seriously, where does all this come from. He has a personal life setback and the world is now ready to hand the world's #1 golfer title over to someone else.

Yes, Woods hasn't won a tournament since his "return" but how many people out there on the tour have won more than one major or more than 2-3 regular weekly tournaments? Tiger has earned the respect that we should be giving him while he is walking the fairways.

I have no doubt Woods will return to the winners circle but until then, all you writers out there, relax and stop writing all these articles about the beginning of the end unless you have some true hard facts and numbers. There are plenty of other great moments in sports to talk about.

If Woods wins the US Open next week at Pebble Beach, are you obligated to jump back on the Tiger will win 19 majors bandwagon?

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