Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back Into Hockey

After a few years of really not enjoying or caring for the NHL game, I've signed myself back into the hockey world...Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey. My way of trying to kick start my love for the game. What better way of doing that than getting into the fantasy world.

Here is what I have to go to battle with.

Goalies - Huet, Roloson, Bryzgalov
Centres - Datsyuk, Zetterberg
Left - D. Sedin, Gagne
Right - J. Franzen, D. Brown
Defence - Blake, Kubina, Hainsey, Zidlicky
Bench - Pominville, Zajac, Ruutu

I'm thinking I have some fire power with my centres and left-wingers. Hopefully, my side of the Sedin twins holds up after signing their contracts in the off-season. A little worried about Zetterberg's and Gagne's health issues. Defence seems little shaky especially with the age of Blake. My goalie situation is leaving me with an unsettled feeling.

In all my fantasy leagues I always try to stick with my drafted team for the first bit and not go overboard with trades and pick-ups. Overreacting too early in the season with poor performance or predictions have never gone well for me. It is nice watching others go crazy and make poor/quick decisions because I like taking advantage of them.

Hopefully my fantasy team keeps me tuned in and focused when the NHL season starts. Still not sure if this fantasy thing is going to work this year since the NBA will be starting up and if there is usually any choice between the NBA and the NHL, the NBA wins hands down.

What do you think about my team? Suggestions? Tips? Strategies?

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