Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Freakin' Tarp

What in the hell is going on here?!? Some retards over in Russia think it is okay to carry off injured hockey players with a freakin' tarp. Guess the medical community and personnel from the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) have been drinking a little too much Stoli to realize that injured players need more than just a tarp when being taken off the ice.

The player in the picture is Martin Kariya the brother of NHL'er Paul Kariya. After being hit from behind Martin hit his head on the ice and was "atttended", I use that word very loosely, by medical staff which were present at the game. From what I have read, the medical staff were a little late/delayed attending to the injured Martin. My favourite reason for the delay was, personnel can only access the playing surface through the zamboni gates. Hmmmm, I guess doctors are bigger in size in Russia? I have seen many unfortunate injuries in the NHL and I ALWAYS see medical staff jump into action the second an incident occurs. They are usually escorted by a player to the injured area on the ice where assessment/treatment can occur immediately.

This is a complete joke and shows how far Russia has come in terms of common sense. Like I always say, "Common sense is not always so common!" I have gone through a few first-aid lessons and one of the first things is always to stabilize the patient. You never know if their spinal cord is damaged/injured and moving an injured person is only done if it is not going to make the situation dramatically worse.

Carrying a player off who has a concussion and when they don't know if there is any injury to the spine in a tarp is careless, unethical, and something doctors should have learned in day 1!!

I am not sure if Martin Kariya is okay or not, all I know is he is recovering. I hope he fully recovers.

The KHL needs to reevaluate their procedures when it comes to on ice injuries. This is not the last time nor the first time a player has been injured during a KHL game. Remember Alexei Cherepanov? If not, go ahead and Google his name.

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