Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Radek Who?

Anyone who watched the Novak Djokovic match against Radek Stepanek saw an impressive victory by Djokovic (6-1, 6-3, 6-3). I will agree with everyone up to that point. He had a great match and showed his great potential that people thought would carry him through or at least legitimately compete against Federer and Nadal.

After the match was completed and the ritual hand shake was finished, Djokovic called out John McEnroe from the booth to have some fun on Arthur Ashe Stadium. I wouldn't have anything to say if this was any other time except after a match Djokovic easily won.

Guy goes out and dismantles Radek Stepanek and has enough energy to play some extra tennis, on Arthur Ashe stadium, with former tennis star McEnroe. If I was Radek I would be pretty offended by the actions of Djokovic. He has enough energy and time to fool around, during a Grand Slam Event, after a match that is also the last match of the night. Bitch slapped!

Everyone is laughing and writing how funny and entertaining it was to see Djokovic back at the jokes but all I saw was an immature young 22 year old tennis player who has no respect for his opponent.

The whole thing would have been great for the game of tennis and the fans, if it was done at a more appropriate time.

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