Thursday, September 10, 2009

Low Turnout

Browsing the sports sites, like usual, I happened to come across an article about another low for the Blue Jays. Apparently, in the history of the SkyDome there has never been a game that produced a crowd smaller than the one on Wednesday night.

Do your really expect people in Toronto to attend a game that doesn't have any sort of meaning to it? People in Toronto have other things to worry about. Kids have school, parents have to get the kids in bed, and university students have frosh. That cuts out a few people. What about the fact their opponent, the Twins, don't make fans line-up for tickets. Yes, we know there is a great Canadian on the team in Justin Morneau but that doesn't get me wanting to buy a ticket. Jeter, Lincecum, Fielder, Pujols, and the list goes on. These are guys that make me want to buy a ticket.

The Doc was on the mound so I guess I am a little disappointed that people didn't show but honestly, I don't blame people for not going. It's the Jays we're talking about. We're losing and the team sitting on the first base line has no one of importance.

If management expected a solid turnout for this game they should go back to business school because even a high school student could tell you that without a promotion of some sort people are not going to come out and watch the pathetic Jays play the mediocre Twins.

Only a few more games left until the misery is over...until 2010.

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