Friday, April 10, 2009

2 to Go

The 2009 Masters is half way to the Green Jacket and I wish I had time this weekend to watch some of the action. Every year I try and sit back and enjoy the warming weather while enjoying a cigar with the Masters as my background noise but I guess this year will be the exception.

During the first two days I have read about some fairly notable names being at the top of the leaderboard and some who are lurking and may draw some attention come Sunday. Just looking at the results from Day 2, no one but Anthony Kim should be in the spotlight. After carding 11 birdies in a single round, this American is only 5 stokes off the lead. Wow, 11 freakin birdies in a single round and it was done at Augusta National too! Too bad he shot a 75 on Day 1. Come on man, if I card 1 or 2 birdies in a round I'm jumping for joy but 11, mother dam crap and all the other foul things that exist in the English language.

Canadian and former Masters champion is sitting a little further back than after Day 1. After scoring a 68 he followed it up with a 75 and seems to have fallen out of contention. I hope he contends on the final two days and doesn't fade into the category of players who win big and fall just as fast as their ascent. Ever hear about a guy named David Duval?

Lastly, how can I have a post about the Masters and not mention Woods and man-breasts Phil. Woods is sitting 7 stokes back but for some reason I don't see him making a huge charge and taking the coveted Green Jacket this year. With all the hype behind Woods and his return to the golfing world I just don't see him taking this years Masters. In my eyes, he doesn't seem like the guy who scares other golfers when he walks through the course. Just my two cents and I guarentee there are millions of people who will quickly discard my comments. Phil on the otherhand is only 6 back and I too don't see him putting on the Green Jacket come Sunday either. The more and more I watch Phil the more I see a man who needs to prove something and for Phil, I see this as a negative thing. Guy just needs to play his game and stop worrying about all the other distractions out there about him being 2nd to Woods. Just step up and hit that dam ball.

Hope everyone enjoys the Masters. It is always a special time of the year.

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