Friday, April 3, 2009

Brady Passes to Owens

The dude in the picture is the one and only Terrell Owens of the Buffalo Bills. This post is coming a little late since he signed with the Bills a few weeks back or was it a week ago, it doesn't matter. Anyways, I am still a little shocked and bewildered with the decision on both sides of the ball, Bills offering him a contract and Owens actually signing it.

First off from the Bills perspective. It is a smart move because they need another WR that can take the pressure off their star WR Lee Evans. They also need someone who can take them to a place where only Thomas and Kelly were able to do, the wonderful Super Bowl. Owens is the type of player that can put up numbers on the board quickly and at the same time pick the team up when needed. Of course all this comes with what I call the Mr. Owens package. With all the shenanigans, egocentric tendencies, and negative attention he brings to his organization...was the deal something the Bills really needed to make? Honestly, I don't think it's going to be a relationship that blossoms in the upcoming NFL season. I see a terrible breakup that will yet again keep the Bills out of the playoffs.

From Owens view. This move makes no sense at all. Where are the lights? Where is the nightlife? Buffalo isn't what you call a place where high maintenance guys like Owens flock to for a place to play. The place is cold and just off the map when it comes to a social life. To me, I don't see why he would want to go to the Bills organization when there are tons of other teams out there that can give him a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. Yes, I don't think the Bills are going to the Super Bowl next year.

This leads me to where my thoughts and blog post meet, the New England Patriots. The second I found out Owens was going to be a free agent I immediately thought the Patriots would scoop him up and make him into the next Randy Moss project, turn a highly talented guy with excess baggage and make him into a deadly weapon. It seems the Pats and their head coach, Bill Belichick, seem to have a strong father like presence in the locker room and bring out the best of each individual and put a winning and competitive team on the field. I would think that this organization would fit Owens like a glove.

I understand there are contract issues, salary cap space, and of course the guys in the organization might just hate Owens but no one can doubt his football talent is off the charts. Throw him into an offence and you can easily build around him and win football games. With the likes of Randy Moss and Tom Brady, the Patriots could easily contend for the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. Adding Owens and that might put them over the top.

New England isn't the warmest of places and of course, one would assume, it doesn't hold the night life Owens feeds off of but a chance for a Super Bowl Ring can easily change the mindset of any football player, Owens included.

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