Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Wrong With Baseball

Do we really need rack of lamb while watching a ball game?

The house that Ruth built is officially in the past as the Yankees had their 2009 home opener in their new $1.5billion stadium that sits directly across the street. As I took a virtual tour, watched videos, and photos I have to say, this is what is wrong with baseball.

One of the rules of business is serve the customer and keep them happy at all costs. Well the Yankees have touched on the cost issue. The price of anything and everything in the new stadium is over the top. Ranging from $12 popcorn to a $125 hoodie. Honestly, do we really need to drop $125 on a hoodie while we attend a baseball game. What about paying 12 freakin dollars on some dam popcorn. It amazes me how some people spend their money. I understand the guys who pull millions and $12 is nothing to them but for the average baseball fan, $12 for popcorn is pretty steep esepcailly since ticket prices aren't on the low end of the spectrum. Most people who make a trip to the ballpark usually do it once or twice a year and their spare no expense and it is obvious that the Yanks are going to take that to their advantage.

The type of food being sold at stadiums is reaching a point where there is nothing for me to do but roll my eyes. Again, going back on serving customers, if there is a demand from the customer someone will supply it. Why are you going to a baseball game and wanting to eat a gourmet meal? Just look at the picture above. Looks like a famous butcher you would see why walking through town but in fact, it's the "wonderful" new Yankee Stadium. The premium cuts of meat are great but should only be found on a table.

What happened to the old days of hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, chicken fingers, and beer. The old fashioned foods are items that go with baseball and what make baseball the game it is. Just think of a movie and what do you think of? We all know that movie theatres are slowly adding KFC, Pizza Hut, and other food items to make it a better experience. But still, popcorn is where it's at!

Call me an old-fashioned guy but I think that stadiums should just keep it simple. But that goes against everything that the bigs stands for, make money and make more money. I have nothing against change but there are some things that just don't seem right. I bet this was the argument when something new came into the ballparks decades ago but come on, really, do we need rack of lamb at a ballpark?

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Anonymous said...

Rack of lamb, just doesn't seem like it fits at a baseball game. When I think baseball, I think dogs, peanuts, nachos, BEER.

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