Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wasn't a Game

If any of you watched the final game of March Madness you witnessed a victory that was more on the side of a serious ass whoopin. The boys from UNC took it to the men in green, MSU, from the get go.

There is something so special about March Madness but it is so hard to describe. Every year I turn into a college basketball fanatic that is stuck to the TV and now my computer with the inclusion of CBS Sports streaming every dam game. Holy crap, I love that feature!!!

Back to my post.

Throughout the college season I care less who wins or who seems to dominate the field or which player is going to be the supposedly next Air Jordan. But when March rolls around my attention is completely attached to the Madness that brings 64 teams into a single tournament and leaves only one standing.

The boys play this game like it is their last game they will ever play in their lives. Which for some is true. The heart, love of the game, and drive for victory seems so palpable I feel as if I belong to the school who is being represented on the court.

The game is filled with errors that young inexperienced players make in the game of basketball. I love this part of the game. The quality of play is absolutely amazing but at times little mental mistakes always come to the forefront and show how young these kids truly are. It makes me feel closer to the game because I do some of those things when I play ball. It makes me feel more in touch with the game. The dudes in the NBA do things that only a true all-star player can do and there is no way I can do some of those things.

A TEAM always wins the March Madness final, no individuals. Have you ever seen an NBA game where one player just dominates another team all by himself. It happens all the time. But when it comes to the NCAA one player just isn't good enough to dominate the way an NBA player does. The team aspect of basketball is always in the spotlight during a March Madness final. It is great to see Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, or Wilt dominate a game but it does get old. Watching 5 guys come together on the court and dominate as a group through screens, executing plays, and rotating on defence is what makes basketball the great game it is.

Those are just a few things why I can't get myself away from the Madness and I still can't find the words to describe that feeling I have towards why I love this tournament.

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